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Tips and Trends for claiming R&D Tax Credits & reducing your business costs

Supplier monitoring and bill validation

At TEQ Group we understand that finding the right supplier regardless of the product or service is important, but it can be almost as important to monitor and validate what that supplier does for you. We don’t just offer a switching service or help you to assess your...

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Demystifying R&D Tax Credits

Although Research and Development (R&D) tax credits have been around for the last two decades it is still very much an area that is widely unknown or misunderstood. This may be due to its name giving the wrong impression, the complexity of the process, or lack of...

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R&D tax credit guidance changes

The software industry in the UK is the sector that has started to really see the benefit of the HMRC’s Research and Development (R&D) tax credits with 65% of the claims being from the software industry. But given the volume of these claims, the HMRC have started...

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