As the government starts to encourage people and businesses to return to their offices, many businesses are now looking to use more flexible working practices for their staff. One thing many businesses and employees have learnt during lockdown is that flexible working offers so many benefits for all concerned.

Now that we have adapted to working remotely it doesn’t seem like a barrier anymore and we have the tools available and experience in using them to continue to work successfully away from the office. So, many businesses are starting to review their office requirements and assessing what they should now look and feel like in a more flexible working world.

A more flexible working environment can offer benefits including the need for less office space with fewer desks and hot desking solutions. But assessing how many desks are needed and monitoring the use of desks can be onerous and be a barrier against change. But it doesn’t have to be this way, as we have a solution for you.

Smart desk occupancy monitoring

Through the use of our discreet smart sensors, you can simply monitor when your desks are occupied and how long they are being used. The sensors can be placed unobtrusively under the desks to track when and how long a person is sat at the desk.

The smart sensors provide data at regular intervals via a 4G wireless connection to a powerful AI platform. The data collected can be accessed from anywhere to allow you to remotely monitor how your desks are being used. The data can be presented in a variety of ways and can be stored to give you historic information on how desk occupancy has changed.

The use of these smart sensors will allow you to assess desk occupancy throughout the day without having to do desk surveys and visual inspections of the offices. It can also be used alongside desk bookings to see when desks are used and where an available desk might be.

Cost and installation

Smart technology like our range of sensors is not as expensive as you may think. Advancements in smart sensors have made them more affordable and smaller. We offer competitively low-cost sensors that make them a cost-effective solution for monitoring your buildings including desk occupancy.

The smart sensors are easy to install with plug and play technology which means all you will need to do is fix them under the desks in an appropriate place using the self-adhesive back. The sensors are very small and discrete therefore can be placed unobtrusively under desks without impacting the desk use or those using the desk.

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