Smart Sensor Applications

Endless possibilities, across multiple business sectors

What are the applications of smart sensors?

The possibilities are endless for the application of these smart sensors, with their flexible and versatile design allowing them to be utilised across all business sectors..


The possibilities include:

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Cold storage monitoring

Temperature monitoring for fridges and freezers

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A smart, low-cost temperature monitoring solution for the safe cold storage of food and pharmaceuticals.

Our sensors will automatically monitor the temperature of your appliance every 5-15 minutes, generating digital reports to keep your business compliant with regulations

Set automated alerts to instantly inform you if your appliance temperature has deviated from your desired range, enabling immediate action and reducing waste

Monitor pipe flows & temperatures for legionella

Pipe / Legionella compliance

Legionella compliance and water flow detection on hot and cold pipes

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Monitoring the core temperatures of all water systems is an essential part of eliminating the risk of legionella occurring on your business premises.

Our sensors will automatically monitor water movement and temperature, allowing you to easily generate reports to meet regulatory requirements for minimal effort.

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Door and window monitoring

Monitor the usage of doors and windows and instantly detect if any have been left open.

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Gain immediate insights into which doors/windows are being opened and when.

Set your sensor to create immediate, actionable alerts based your own criteria, to gain valuable insight into user behaviour and possible security or safety risks within your company.

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Data/server room monitoring

Track temperature and humidity with a single sensor

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Use our sensors monitor both temperature and humidity simultaneously every 15 minutes.

Ensure your data centre or server rooms are consistently operating in optimum conditions, with automated alerts from our sensors to inform you of any environmental changes outside of your desired settings, reducing downtime and cost.

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Smart washrooms

Know when to service your facilities to keep them in perfect condition by monitoring usage levels.

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Use our door sensors and feedback buttons to monitor washroom usage and know when and where cleaning is required
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Desk occupancy

Monitor what desks are used in your workspace and when.

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Optimise your workspace by monitoring both immediate desk occupancy, and occupancy over a period of time with your discreet sensor. The sensors can be unobtrusively placed under every desk and use temperature monitoring to determine when a desk is occupied.
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Leak detection

Immediately detect water leaks and reduce the impact on your workspace.

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Our sensors can be programmed to monitor water flow, send immediate alerts if water is detected in areas where it shouldn’t be, and monitor water levels in places such as water tanks to ensure they are never overfilled. They allow you to prevent leaks in your facilities and act swiftly to minimise any damage should leaks occur.
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Feedback panels

Easily collect feedback from clients in any location.

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Our touch sensor can be placed in feedback panels to swiftly and easily collect client feedback with just a touch.
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Smart cleaning

Eliminate the need for a cleaning schedule by cleaning facilities as and when they need it.

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Use our sensors to track when facilities have been used, and feedback panels so users can let you know when items need to be cleaned or replenished. They enable you to eliminate the need for a cleaning schedule and track when tasks have been completed with our clickable touch buttons.
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People counting

Track people’s movement and the frequency of workspace usage within your building.

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Optimise your workspace by using sensors to monitor the movement of people within your facilities, and understand what rooms or desks are being used when and for how long. With this information businesses are able to plan their workspace to best suit the needs of the company and its employees.
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Humidity monitoring

Monitor an environment’s humidity and temperature to maximise performance and minimise cost

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Use our compact sensor to measure an environment’s humidity and temperature, data which is essential for areas such as server rooms and data centres to keep them running in optimum conditions.

Set automatic alerts to make you aware if the conditions of an area fall outside of your desired range, enabling you to act quickly to minimise the impact and reduce costs.

Which sectors could benefit from smart sensors?

As a result of our sensors discreet and versatile nature, they can be utilised across all business sectors for a range of functionalities.




Pharmaceutical businesses and the NHS

Care homes

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Commercial landlords

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IT providers

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Any business monitoring desk usage/hot desking

And many, many more

If you’re ready to find smarter ways to run your business and its buildings, please get in touch with our experienced team for a complimentary efficiency audit today.

Smart Sensor Benefits

There is a wide range of benefits to be gained from using smart sensors unique to every business and how they choose to use them.

Smart Building Solutions

By combining the world’s smallest IoT sensors and powerful AI platforms, we are able to optimise and automate your buildings, workplaces and facilities